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Do you have unwanted tree stumps in your yard left from trees that either were removed or have fallen down? We understand how annoying these unwanted stumps can be and how they can affect the entire landscape of your yard. This is why our tree experts at Reach Tree Service near Minneapolis offer professional and affordable stump removal services. This allows you to have those unwanted stumps removed and restore the beauty of your outdoor space – all for a price that is sure to fit your budget.

The most common and effective way to remove a stump from your property is by stump grinding. This process mechanically grinds the tree stump to below ground level, so that it does not affect the overall beauty of your space. This efficient process is often used because it does not require digging up underground roots, which can cause extensive damage to your yard. With stump grinding, you will barely even notice our equipment was on your property, and you receive the same results.

During this stump removal process, the grinding will produce wood chips and debris. Some of these materials will be used to fill in the hole where the stump was located. We will gladly remove the remainder of the debris for you and leave your yard nice and clean. You can also opt to use some of the wood chips as mulch for other landscaping on your property. We offer both residential and commercial stump removal services to residents and businesses throughout the Minneapolis area.

You do not have to live with that unwanted tree stump in your yard anymore. Call the experts at Reach Tree Service near Minneapolis to learn more about our services, obtain a quote, or to schedule your stump removal today.